After BrahMos, IIT-M alumni and former TT champion consider defense satellites


Chennai: It’s been a three-decade ordeal for former table tennis champion and Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IITM) graduate Srinivasagopalan Rangarajan to raise his company Data Patterns (India) Ltd, whose prestigious projects include the BrahMos missile program, until the inflection.

“With an order book of around Rs 588 crore, the company is now at an inflection point with the opening of the defense, aerospace and other strategic sectors,” Rangarajan told IANS , 63 years old, chairman and managing director.

Turnover of around Rs 224 crore Data Patterns is a defense electronics and aerospace company that designs and manufactures radar, electronic / communications / other submarines, electronic warfare suite, small satellites and the like.

“We have built little satellites and are looking at defense satellite sector. India needs a lot of small defense satellites. There is a latent demand for small satellites. India’s space sector is opening up, which bodes well for companies like ours, ”Rangarajan said.

Besides small satellites, the deep space mission, ground stations and other projects of the Indian space agency offer good business prospects for manufacturers of test equipment.

Data Patterns designed and developed the second launch pad countdown system for delivery to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Rangarajan is ably assisted by his wife and full time director Rekha Murthy Rangarajan – it won’t be wrong to describe them as a missile firing couple – as Data Patterns is the launch and fire control system supplier for the program. of Brahmos missiles.

“The business started a long time ago with money from his provident fund of around Rs 11,000. Previously he was employed in a private company,” Rekha Murthy Rangarajan told IANS.

The company has been addressing the country’s strategic sectors – defense (air force, navy and army), aerospace – Indian space sector – since the early 1990s and now plans to go global with its products.

A former table tennis champion of Tamil Nadu and state representative at the national championships, Rangarajan holds a Masters of Science from IITM and a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Technology of the University of Madras.

“Our main product groups consist of radar, underwater electronics / communications / other systems, electronic warfare suite, BrahMos program, avionics, small satellites, commercial products. ready-made and the like, ”Rangarajan said.

“We are a vertically integrated defense and aerospace electronics solutions provider. We offer end-to-end electronics for strategic industries, he added.

Rangarajan said the company will bid on tenders issued by the Defense Ministry, which will be relatively large and compete with the big guys in the industry.

The other area of ​​interest for the company of more than 700 employees will be the service business, he added.

According to him, there is a structural change in the defense budget with an increase in allocations for modernization funds and the approval of a non-revolving fund. The fund available to defense industry participants in fiscal years 2022 to 2031 is estimated at $ 339 billion.

He said the company was in the process of securing approval for its next-generation Radar Warning Receiver (“RWR”), which could then become part of India’s Light Fighter Aircraft (LCA) and other programs. upgrade such as the SU-30 MKI.

Likewise, India’s decision to acquire around 110 medium multirole fighter jets and trainer aircraft offers great revenue opportunities for Indian companies like Data Patterns.

The company linked to the initial public offering (IPO) is also likely to deliver a completely open new generation for the LCA Mk IA and Sukhoi 30 platforms undergoing flight tests. After flight tests, these can be fitted to the 83 LCA MK IA to order as well as the Sukhoi 30 upgrades (around 270 numbers), attack helicopters and others.

Flight tests are scheduled for the next two / three months on the LCA, and similar tests are planned on Sukhoi 30 later.

Regarding IITM and his influence on him as an entrepreneur, Rangarajan said, “It gave me a business and management perspective. The engineer in me pushed me to make products. “

“Professor Anantharaman’s lectures gave me confidence. He made us give lectures which in turn increased my confidence level,” he recalls.

Data Patterns will soon hit the market to raise Rs 300 crore from a new share issue for business expansion. There will also be an offer to sell by existing shareholders in the amount of 60.70.675 shares.

“The market has opened up. Offering new perspectives and new challenges. We would like to take the business to the next level and also look at the export markets,” said Ragarajan.



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