An important step for the development of elite sports in the Solomon Islands

CCECC SINIS Project Director Qi Rongbao hands over the building keys and certificate to NHA President Dr Jimmie Rodgers and Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Solomon Islands made history with their very first Solomon Islands National Sports Institute (SINIS) high performance complex officially commissioned and handed over to the national government on Friday, November 19, 2021.

This is the first major infrastructure and investment for sport since the country’s independence, and it is the second of such a program in the Pacific region.

SINIS High Performance First Executive Director Aaron Alsop announced that the facility aims to gain recognition from the Accreditation Center of the International Sports Performance Association, a significant achievement for sport in Solomon Islands and the region. from Oceania.

“There are around 90 sports performance centers around the world with such international accreditation and the country will have its approval by early 2022. We will be the second country in the Pacific to have this accreditation and we will announce it once we open. our programs. For Solomon Islands, achieving this through this government’s vision is something we should be very proud of, ”said Alsop.

“I want to recognize SIG’s vision not only by investing in the Pacific Games, but also in the athletes and coaches who, as individuals, are the real assets of any sport system and, even if it is of an incredible facility, what will bring this facility to life is our people. “

The SINIS-HP team will sign a series of memoranda of understanding with sports organizations across the country, including the NHA, NSC, Solomon Islands National Olympic Committee (NOCSI), Solomon Islands Paralympic Committee (SIPC) and national sports federations to support and strengthen the work to be implemented in the high performance program.

“We are able to assemble about three-quarters of the team that will actually run this program in the future. 75 staff who will be employed, 95% of which will be from Solomon Islands with the strategy of investing in their professional development to move this agenda forward, “said Alsop.

One of the key programs that will be implemented by SINIS-HP, in particular; Sports, Training and Education Programs (STEP) which will be one of the largest sports education programs in the Pacific and offers a range of internationally recognized courses. Also, he added, the program will be implemented jointly with the Ministry of Education and the Solomon Islands Higher Education and Skills Authority (SITESA).

SINIS-HP will also partner with the Australian and New Zealand Volunteer Program which will provide volunteers to support capacity building of local staff in a range of programs and service areas the facility will provide. SINIS HP after the 2023 Pacific Games will then be administered by the National Sports Council (NSC) according to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be formalized

NSC Chairman and Games Facilities Committee (GFC) Chairman Joe Sika, in his official address, said he believed the legacy project should also address the functioning of national sports federations.

“NSF has not improved from 15 years ago, 5 years ago or even from 2019 PG. Their situation is still the same as before. We focused on our preparation for 2023 PG and didn’t pay much attention to our governance and NSF administrations, ”Sika said.

Sika further thanks the Prime Minister as Minister responsible for PG2023 and the President and members of the NHA for the vision and leadership to enable the government, through the NHA, to invest in the NSC and SINIS HP.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare also, during his official remarks, reiterated that the project is funded by the Government of Solomon Islands through the NHA in the amount of SBD $ 22.6 million.

He said the building is the first major infrastructure associate at the 2023 Pacific Games to be handed over to the government and the NHA, it will be the home for the Solomon’s team to train and nurture to hone their skills and compete.

“This event sends a positive message to the Pacific Games Council (PGC) that the country is on track to deliver the PG2023 games on time. What we did not have before was a dedicated sports facility to further develop the skills of athletes to be competitive. A center of excellence for the development of sport in the country ”, declared Prime Minister Sogavare.

He said the facility and the games will have a transformative effect on the country’s younger generation and will be fully operational once the ordered equipment arrives in the next three months.

“Thirty SINIS staff will move to this facility to begin the programs that will be implemented by our athletes immediately after this handover and commissioning of the building.

“All the equipment at this facility had been ordered due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the equipment will arrive within the next three months, which also means that SINIS can be operational during these months at full capacity,” said the Prime Ministers. .

He then congratulated the China Civil Engineering Company (CCECC) under construction for the delivery of the infrastructure.

“On behalf of the Solomon Islands, allow me to convey to you and your team my sincere gratitude for the hard work you have done on this magnificent building. The moment of the handover today (Friday 19) is historically important ”, declared Prime Minister Sogavare.

“SINIS has the largest combat sports training area in the Pacific, which is a remarkable achievement. And I make sure that the proud legacy of this facility lives on.

Source: Press release

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