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Bhavina Patel: the introduction

Bhavina Hasmukh Patel is one of the most accomplished Parasports personalities in India. She became the 1st Indian Table tennis player who won a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. In this event, Bhavina stunned world No. 5 Borislava Peric Rankovic of Serbia in the Class 4 Women’s Singles Quarterfinals and won the desired silver. The 36-year-old paddler, who was diagnosed with polio aged just 12 months, took up the sport of table tennis on the advice of her childhood friend.

Bhavina Patel has so far participated in around 30 international competitions and won six gold medals, 15 silver medals and eight bronze medals. His last treasured achievement was the coveted gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this year.

The joy of success in Birmingham

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Bhavina, who won the gold medal in Birmingham, said it was also one of her dreams to win a first gold medal at such a prestigious championship as the Commonwealth Games. Speaking on the phone from his residence in Ahmedabad, Bhavina said:

“It was my first Commonwealth Games medal. So I was overjoyed after winning, but paddlers all over the world can’t compete in the Commonwealth Games, so I didn’t have to face stronger opponents.

Bhavina Patel: Preparation for Paris 2024

Bhavina, who won a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, focused on winning the gold medal she dreams of. She explained,

“I want to win the gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. This is why all these international championships in which I participate, including the Commonwealth Games, are my preparatory tournaments for the 2024 Olympics. The world championship is approaching. I’m leaving on the 3rd of next month. While waiting for the Olympic Games, these tournaments will be my preparatory matches.

Additionally, Bhavina plans to take exhibition trips to train and play in competitive matches against top paddlers after the World Championship. She says,

“I am already included in the Target Olympics Podium (TOP) program. So I plan to hone my skills and experience through training and more importantly playing against stronger players. This will help me a lot before the Olympics.

Childhood friend and table tennis

Bhavina initially lived in a village called Mehsana, quite far from Ahmedabad. His father Hasmukh Patel runs a small cutlery business in the village. Bhavina, who was forced to continue her life sitting in a wheelchair from the age of just one year, was initially faced with a dilemma of choosing table tennis. But one of her childhood friends used to play the game and after becoming a para table tennis player, Bhavina got some advice from her on whether she would be his sparring partner on set, and Bhavina’s life with the sport of table tennis began.

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Bhavina Patel Family - KreedOn
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Bhavina Patel admitted that her parents were extremely supportive. She added,

“They have always been by my side. My husband Nikunja Patel who was a state level cricketer himself always encourages me and I should thank the government for offering cash incentives for me every time I bring medals for the country.

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