Diya Chitale, Reeth Rishiya and Sreeja Akula from Mumbai win 1st place in women’s singles by TTFI!

Bringing joy to the city, Diya Chitale of Mumbai won the first position in the ladies’ singles category by the Indian Table Tennis Federation (TTFI). According to the ranking released by the TTFI on Sunday, with 225 points, Diya secured first place together with PSPB’s Reeth Rishya and RBI’s Sreeja Akula. Notably, the 18-year-old table tennis prodigy recently won her first-ever women’s title by winning gold at the UTT National Table Tennis Championship in Indore.

Diya recorded victory in a fierce match

Earlier this week, Diya clinched her first women’s singles title by adding 90 points to her cumulative total of 225 points, which was the same as event runner-up Reeth and Sreeja. As the Mumbai paddler held a joint fifth position ahead of the start of this core zone competition, her extraordinary performance secured her victory as an emerging champion.

In what can be called a fierce match, Diya managed to defeat India’s number one paddler Sreeja in the semifinals with a tense 4-3 victory. In the final, the tennis prodigy faced Indian number 2 and second seed Reeth Rishiya in a fluctuating victory by 7-11, 11-7, 8-11, 12-10, 7-11, 12-11 and 11 -8.

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According to the ranking published by the TTFI, Harmeet Desai of Gujarat managed to defend first place in the men’s singles with 240 points. Second place was held by former Mumbai national champion Sanil Shetty with 210 points, while third place was held by Manav Thakkar with 195 points. In particular, the two players in the second and third positions represent the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB).

Manush Shah of Gujarat was fourth in men’s singles with a total of 165 points. With 150 points, four-time Olympian Achanta Sharath Kamal managed to take fifth place this year.

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