England off to a strong start at World Schools event

England got off to a superb start as the action got underway at the ISF World Schools Gymnasiade.

More than 3,600 athletes from 69 countries participate in the event in Deauville, France. It is the largest international multi-sport event for students aged 16 to 18.

England are represented by Naphong Boonyaprapa, Olly Cornish, Rhys Davies and Bertie Kelly in the men’s events, with Chris Parker as non-playing captain, and by Erin Green, Lauren Loosemore, Amy Marriott and Samadhi Udamulla in the women’s events, with Kate Hughes as an NPC.

In the first of five days of competition, the boys beat Argentina 7-0, with two wins apiece for Davies, Boonyaprapa and Kelly, with Kelly and Cornish Bertie combining to claim the double.

They then faced tougher opposition from Brazil which they beat 5-2 with two wins for Davies, one for Boonyaprapa and Cornish, with Boonyaprapa and Davies claiming the double.

The girls started with a 5-2 win over Brazil with two wins for Green and one for Marriott and Udamulla. Green and Marriott combined to take double. Their second win came against Bulgaria where Marriott won two scalps with Loosemore and Green taking one each and Marriott and Green again winning double.

Before the competition, the event began with the opening ceremony which included a two-hour march through the city, followed by official greetings at the Center Internationale de Deauville. Green and Kelly carried the flag for the English delegation through the city and Green also carried the flag into the official arena.

The England team at the opening ceremony

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