FIFA 23 chooses Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr as stars of its official covers

FIFA 23 comes full circle: here are all the official covers for the latest installment in the EA Sports franchise. Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr are once again the players chosen to play in the repertoire of the rest of the editions, both the standard edition and the last generation versions.

The Paris Saint-Germain player has the honor of being the main face of FIFA 23 in both generations, while Kerr will be the exclusive star of the same editions in Australia, New Zealand and an exclusive run through Amazon.

FIFA 23 is on the way

All of these covers follow the well-known line of the Ultimate Edition, which will go down in history as the first worldwide cover of an EA Sports football video game in which men’s and women’s football shared the spotlight. Mbappé and Kerr were once again the protagonists of an even more special season for their country. The World Cup is fast approaching.

The unveiling of the covers is part of the build-up to FIFA 23’s big reveal, which is set to take place on July 20 at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT. During this day we will know firsthand what are some of the most relevant gameplay innovations that the latest FIFA from EA Sports will receive.

While we can’t dive deeper into its content elements just yet, EA Sports’ Executive Vice President and General Manager hinted a few months ago that we can expect “lots more features, game modes, more World Cup content, teams, leagues, competitions and players than any other FIFA to date. It’s all part of a farewell plan to make this FIFA 23″ the game most ambitious ever” in the series.

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