Fiji squad for the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022 – Fiji 21-17 South Africa

Fiji squad for the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup

Fiji and South Africa delivered the most entertaining Rugby World Cup match to date at Waitakere Stadium on Sunday. And Fiji won with a last-minute try!

They may be two of the lowest-ranked teams in the tournament in New Zealand, but they produced a high-octane finish for the second round of pool matches. It was harum-scarum stuff and, quite frankly, it was awesome!

At times it felt like a seven-to-15 game, as possession changed hands at regular intervals and both teams weren’t shy about making risky passes to keep their attack going. The crowd fed on the energy of the players to create an awesome atmosphere too.

It was billed as a clash of styles, but in reality it was the attacking intent of both teams that made it such an intriguing spectacle. Fiji may have played at a faster pace, taking a lot of quick shots, while South Africa were more likely to seek content and try to use their power to break tackles, but they held on. both to keep the ball in hand and test their opponents defensively.

Fiji led 14-7 at the break after their two wingers – Ilisapeci Delaiwau and Akanisi Sokoiwasa – scored tries wide after multi-phase attacks, but South Africa leveled things on the hour mark.

Fiji missed a penalty to take the lead in the 74th minute, but South Africa netted their own shot – kicker Libbie Janse van Rensburg – minutes later.

South Africa thought they had won it but as soon as the restart Fiji got the ball and then were awarded a penalty. Vika Matarugu took a quick hit and Karalaini Naisewa leaped under the posts for the winning try.

A very dramatic ending.

The Fiji team will face South Africa – Sunday October 16

Roela Radiniyavuni; Akanisi Sokoiwasa, Talei Wilson, Sesenieli Donu, Ilisapeci Delaiwau; Merewalesi Rokouono, Lavena Cavuru; Iris Verebalavu, Vika Matarugu, Siteri Rasolea, Asinate Serevi, Merevesi Ofakimalino, Sulita Waisega, Raijieli Daveua, Karalaini Naisewa.

Replacements: Bitila Tawake, Bolou Vasuturaga, Mereoni Namositava, Joma Rubuti, Ema Adivitaloga, Kolora Lomani, Ana Maria Naimasi, Timaima Ravisa.

Fiji 19-84 England

Fiji showed their intent to attack within the opening 30 seconds of their first-ever Rugby World Cup game when No.8 Karalaini Naisewa broke through the England defence.

By half-time they had also scored two tries – and generated the loudest cheers. The first came just before the half hour mark when Roela Radiniyavuni faked the England defense and then threw a wide pass to Alowesi Nakoci to cross.

Then, after the buzzer sounded, Sesenieli Donu received the ball on the 22nd, escaped a tackle attempt from Helena Rowland and slipped.

In the end, they couldn’t deal with England’s maul (except for the first, which they stopped effectively) and often gave tournament favorites too much space, but they had the flair and ambition to launch attacks from deep within their own half and test the Red Roses defense, at least in the top 40.

The world No. 1 team showed their ruthlessness after the break, returning to their solid foundations of kicks and set pieces, as well as moving the ball wide to exploit space.

In total, England scored 14 tries and prevailed in the second half, but Fiji had the last laugh when scrum-half Lavena Cavuru came through at the last minute.

The Fiji team will face England – Saturday October 8

Roela Radiniyavuni; Alowesi Nakoci, Rajieli Laqeretabua, Sesenieli Donu, Vitalina Naikore; Merewalesi Rokouono, Lavena Cavuru; Iris Verebalavu, Vika Matarugu, Siteri Rasolea, Asinate Serevi, Sereima Leweniqila (captain), Sulita Waisega, Ema Adivitaloga, Karalaini Naisewa.

Replacements: Bitila Tawake, Bulou Vasuturaga, Mereoni Namositava, Merevesi Ofakimalino, Raijieli Daveua, Akosita Ravato, Ana Maria Roqica, Melaia Matanatabu.

Fiji squad for the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup

Fijiana, who played their first Test in 2006, qualified for this World Cup by beating Samoa 41-13 in the 2019 Oceania Women’s Rugby Championship.

They prepared for this tournament by playing Australia and Japan in May before winning this year’s Oceania Championship, in which they beat Papua New Guinea by a record 152-0 margin.

A handful of former Fiji men’s players make up the backstage team. Head coach Senirusi Seruvakula, who earned a back row cap in 2002, is joined by fellow internationals Inoke Male (lineup), Greg Smith (scramble), Asaeli Tikoirotuma (fullbacks) and Mosese Rauluni (defense) .

Much of this squad was part of Fijiana Drua’s winning Super W squad and they hope to catch teams with attacking skills, whether that be deft offloads or quick footwork.

As well as all of the Fijiana Drua players, the World Cup squad includes six rugby sevens players who have won bronze at the Olympics and silver at the Commonwealth Games.

Asinate Serevi, the daughter of rugby sevens legend Waisale, is also included after leaving the United States under new eligibility rules.

Sereima Leweniqila will captain the team and Senirusi Seruvakula said: “She’s been one of the most outstanding players and she’s played a lot of games for Fijiana and that’s one of the reasons why we have her. decided as captain and she got the support of the senior players.

“A lot of girls have improved in terms of their performances. These girls have experience at international level, they just need the confidence to play on the world stage.


Lavena Cavuru (Fijiana Sevens/Scrumhalf)

Ilisapeci Delaiwau (Winger)

Sesenieli Donu (Fijiana Sevens/Utility Back)

Raijieli Laqeretabua (Fijiana Drua/Center)

Kolora Lomani (Fijiana Drua/Wing)

Melaia Matanatabu (Fijiana Drua/Center)

Vitalina Naikore (Fijiana Drua/Wing)

Ana Maria Naimasi (Fijiana Sevens/Utility Back)

Alowesi Nakoci (Fijiana Sevens/Utility Back)

Roela Radiniyavuni (Fijiana Drua/Back)

Timaima Ravisa (Fijiana Drua/Rear Utility)

Merewalesi Rokouono (Fijiana Drua / Flyhalf)

Ana Maria Roqica (scrum half)

Akasnisi Sokoiwasa (wing)

Talei Wilson (utility back)


Ema Adivitaloga (Fijiana Drua/Back row)

Raijieli Daveua (utility striker)

Sereima Leweniqila (Fijiana Drua/Back Row)

Vika Matarugu (Fijiana Drua/Accessory)

Rusila Nagasau (Forward Fijiana Sevens/Utility)

Karalaini Naisewa (Fijiana Drua/Back Row)

Merevesi Ofakimalino (Fijiana Drua/Back Row)

Siteri Rasolea (accessory)

Akosita Ravato (Fijiana Drua/Back row)

Joma Rubuti (Fijiana Drua/Accessory)

Jiowana Sauto (Fijiana Drua/Hooker)

Asinate Serevi (Lock)

Bitila Tawake (Fijiana Drua / Utility Striker)

Bulou Vasuturaga (Accessory)

Iris Verebalavu (Prostitute)

Mereoni Vonosere (Accessory)

Sulita Waisega (lock)

Fiji Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022 Schedule

(All kick off times are in UK and Ireland time)

Pool C

Sat 8 Oct, Fiji 19-84 England

Sun Oct 16, Fiji 21-17 South Africa

Sunday 23 October, France v Fiji (7.15am, Northland Events Centre, Whangarei)

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