Former national table tennis player freed in drug case | Bombay News

Mumbai: A Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) special tribunal this week acquitted 24-year-old former national table tennis player Lalrinpuia Lalchhuankima more than four years after he was arrested by the Drugs Control Bureau. narcotics for allegedly smuggling 3.9 kg of the drug methaqualone.
Acquitting the Mizoram native, the special judge said, “This court considers that the prosecution has failed to prove that the defendant committed the offense alleged by the prosecution.”
The NDPS Special Court further stated that by reviewing all of the evidence given by the witnesses, it creates doubt on the facts with respect to the entire investigation of the case and that the accused has actual knowledge of the nature of the substance which it is shown that she kept in her possession, more particularly the accused refused to have claimed such baggage.
Lalchhuankima was arrested on December 13, 2017 upon arriving at Mumbai International Airport from Mozambique with another person.
During the trial in the drug case, the prosecution heard from five witnesses. Lalchhuankima denied the allegations.
Finding Lalchhuankima not guilty, the NDPS special court said it had come to the conclusion that the prosecution had failed miserably in the case and that the defendant was entitled to the benefit of the breaches. of the accusation.

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