Geet Sethi: Training juniors at the right time is important

It has been almost a decade since Geet Sethi visited Chennai. The 61-year-old has fond memories of City after winning three titles – junior and senior pool titles and junior snooker titles – at the National Cuesports Championships in 1981-82.

Here, as the main guest of the R. Ethiraj Memorial Snooker Tournament, the eight-time world champion in snooker (amateur and professional) praised Ethiraj, who was an international referee, coach and mentor for many members of the tail sport fraternity.

“I received a call from Rafath Habib, a former international cueist, inviting me to the tournament. I loved Ethiraj very much and he loved me very much. Without money or power, he contributed so much. He gave his whole life in service to the game,” he said.

Sethi said there is no shortage of talent in the country and the important thing is to spot talent and nurture them at the right time. “I still feel like the talent is there. There is more talent now mainly because there are more tables. Over the past 20 years more and more tables have been added to the country. To give you an example, the recent Gujarat State Championships this year attracted 600 entries from just one city, which is unheard of. Training at the right time for juniors is important,” he said. -he declares. sports star Saturday.

According to Sethi, Indian Premier League cricket has paved the way for other sports including cuesports. “Frankly, the cricket IPL showed what the sport can become. Badminton, table tennis, kabaddi and now kho kho have learned from it. We don’t have to invent the wheel. Someone has invented a beautiful product. We need to tweak it a bit. That’s the way to go,” Sethi said.

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