Hana Gouda ranked first in the U-15 International Table Tennis Rankings

CAIRO, February 1, 2022: Hana Gouda, the table tennis player, ranked first in the international U-15 and U-17 stadium rankings, according to the International Gaming Federation.

In contrast, Hana placed fourth in the under-19 stage and 195th in the women’s international rankings.

In addition, Al-Ahly player Maryam Al-Hudaybi, a professional from the Emirati club of Orouba, rose to the 126th place in the world, in the international ranking after occupying the 204th place in the women’s singles competitions.

Maryam Al-Hudaybi’s progression to the position came after competing in two international championships after the African Championship, which moved her up the rankings.

According to the contract between the player and the Emirati club, Maryam will stay with her team in Egypt, fly to the Emirates to participate in the Arab Games, and then return, due to her association with Al-Ahly matches, as well as his studies.

It should be noted that Maryam Al-Hudaybi, sister of Marwa Al-Hudaybi, also an Al-Ahly player, participated in many tournaments with the national team and won many championships and titles at local, African and international.

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