“He can get angry”

Ronnie O’Sullivan has shared insight into Ding Junhui’s personality after the pool star banged his head against the table after a frustrating miss.

Ding was facing Kyren Wilson in their first-round clash at the Crucible on Wednesday night when he reacted theatrically to a routine miss on a red with 46 on the board.

Dave Hendon, commentator for Eurosport at the time, winced when Ding crashed his head against the table.

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“The slate will win, I can tell you if you do that!” said Hendon. “You could see how annoyed he was – bosh!”

O’Sullivan, who is good friends with Ding, gave some background on his professional colleague’s character and talked about how he’s more emotional than many people realize.

“He’s quite an emotional guy, Ding,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport in the Sheffield studio.

“Sometimes he can get a little angry. He’s not the calm, sweet guy you think of him. If he’s feeling a little uncomfortable about something, he’ll say what he’s got. has to say, you know.

“There’s a different animal behind there. When you get to know Ding, he’s also a pretty serious character.

“He’s a hell of a businessman, you know. He’s not an idiot.”

Watch Ding bang his head against the table in frustration after missing

O’Sullivan himself is back in action at the Crucible on Friday when he takes on Mark Allen in what could be a tricky second-round encounter for the six-time world champion.

The Rocket entered the tournament having returned to world No. 1 after an impressive season so far and have a seventh world crown in sight, which would put them level with compatriot Stephen Hendry.

He found himself embroiled in a bizarre controversy with Hossein Vafaei, who called for him to retire in strong words but has since laughed off any issues with the sporting legend.

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“It’s fun, snooker is so boring, it helps to make it more interesting for people!” Vafaei told Eurosport.

“I spoke to Ronnie and he also said it’s not our responsibility to make the game bigger. I wonder why this sport isn’t getting big, why aren’t we getting paid like tennis players and other top athletes.

“I hope snooker will change and get bigger and the prize money will also improve.

“We chatted and he said we just needed to focus on our work, and he was right and I totally respect him. Absolutely, we’re still friends, we still talk and laugh together!”

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World Championship

‘He’s Not An Idiot’ – O’Sullivan Shares His Take on ‘Emotional’ Ding


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