The Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) held a fruitful and productive meeting with executive members of the City of Honiara Tourism Association, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Honiara City Council on Monday, November 7, 2022, at the Heritage Park Hotel, to discuss collaboration and work. together to prepare Honiara City for the upcoming Pacific Games 2023.

A statement from GSIC said the meeting held under the theme: Safe and Green Games, between OPMC and Honiara City Council with Hotels, discussed areas of cooperation and support, as we prepare our city. for the next Pacific Games.

GSIC President and Coordinator, overseeing the government’s preparations for the Pacific Games at OPMC, Bernard Bataanisia, briefed the meeting on the importance of all stakeholders, supporting the government in sprucing up and cleaning up from the city. Hotels are an important stakeholder, and engaging with them is important, says Bataanisia. This includes hosting the thousands of visitors and sports athletes who come for the Games, as well as helping with city clean-up campaigns.

Meeting participants at the Heritage Park Hotel. Photo provided.

The Director of Culture at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Dennis Marita, briefed the meeting on plans to develop and upgrade the museum auditorium and art gallery for the 2023 Pacific Games. The ministry has plans for this upgrade and development plans and has taken it into account. its 2023 national budgets. These are important, as it will be the center of attraction and entertainment during the Games.

Honiara City Tourism Association President Sanjay Bhargava and Heritage Park Hotel General Manager welcome the opportunity to engage with the government and said their association is also keen to support the government in its development plans. embellishment and greening of the City as part of the preparations for the Pacific Games.

“As well as providing accommodation for athletes and officials from the region and overseas, the Association also has a keen interest in ensuring our city is cleaned and greened for the Games,” Sanjay said.

Government Services Integration Committee Chairman Bernard Bataanisia thanked hotel leaders for the meeting and said the government will continue to engage with hoteliers and other stakeholders as we prepare for the Games. of the Pacific in 2023.

The 17th Pacific Games will take place from November 19 to December 2, 2023.

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