Impact of Covid: Australia withdraws from Junior Hockey World Cups and FIH Pro League | Hockey News


NEW DELHI: As reported by First, Hockey Australia (HA) has decided to withdraw from upcoming FIH tournaments, including the Men’s and Women’s Junior World Cups and the FIH Pro League “following travel government related to Covid restrictions and uncertainties. ”
The Junior World Cups are scheduled to take place in India (men) and South Africa (women) in November-December this year. The location of the men’s edition has yet to be confirmed but will likely be Odisha. The women’s tournament will take place in Potchefstroom.
Australia’s decision to stay away from FIH tournaments is based on the mandatory quarantine requirement for anyone visiting or returning to Australia.
Officially announcing its withdrawal decision on Friday, Hockey Australia confirmed that its Tasmanian neighbors New Zealand will also not be available for the third season of the Pro League which is due to begin in October.
The Black Sticks are also expected to withdraw from the Junior World Cups.
“Based on the Australian government’s current risk assessment and health advice, Hockey Australia is not currently considering hockey-related overseas travel,” said HA Acting CEO Michael Johnston, in a press release.
“The decision of our (Australia and New Zealand) absence from the FIH Pro League was a collective decision accepted by all nations, based primarily on the difficulty or inability of other countries to travel to Australia. and New Zealand.
“In Australia, it is evident that the easing of restrictions on international travel is still a long way off and none of the competing countries wanted to enter the next Pro League season without a level of assurance,” added Jonston.
Apart from the Junior World Cups and the Pro League, Hockey Australia has also decided to steer clear of the Indoor Hockey World Cup to be held next February in Belgium and the Masters Indoor World Cup in the United States. – United at the same time.
“Hockey Australia’s top priority is the safety and well-being of its athletes and staff and this decision reflects that,” said Ian Rutledge, Director of High Performance Courses for HA.
It remains to be seen which Oceania’s next best-placed team to take Australia’s place in the Men’s and Women’s Junior World Cups.

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