India to compete in FIFAe Nations Series, aim to win gaming medal in esports


India will be part of the FIFAe Nations Series for the 2022 season and will face teams from other nations.


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First reported by PTI, India ranks 23rd out of 60 in the FIFAe Ranking and will compete from the Asia and Oceania region. India to start campaign at tournament qualifying stage.

In case you don’t remember, the previous season India almost missed out on the opportunity to qualify for the play-offs.

The Play In phase of the FIFAe Nations Online Qualifiers 2022 would start from December 2021. The team will face FIFAe national teams from member associations that participated in FeNS21 over a four-week period of competition, extending until April 2022.

If India is unable to qualify through the Play-ins, they will have another chance to qualify through the main phase of the FIFAe Nations 2022 Online Qualifiers. During this time, the team will face the member associations. newly added for FeNS22 and FeNS21’s returning member associations for a playoff spot.

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The qualifiers are expected to take place in June 2022, while the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 is expected to be staged by July 2022. A total of 23 qualifying national teams joined by the host country will participate in the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022.

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Alternatively, the Indian Football Federation of India will host the second edition of its national qualifying event, the AIFF eFootball Challenge, to select sports players for the FIFAe national team for the coming season.

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