InMobi and Anzu Declare Programmatic In-Game Advertising Partnership for Asia-Pacific

Softbank-backed InMobi on Wednesday announced a partnership with, one of the world’s leading in-game advertising arrangements. The move means InMobi can now offer its advertisers direct access to premium mobile programmatic stock. from Anzu across the globe, notwithstanding first-glance access to the in-game mobile offering in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Anzu’s in-game advertising solution allows programmatic advertisers to deliver their banner and video ads through mixed but highly visible IAB compliant ad designs that rely on 3D items such as roadside signs, stadium banners and buildings. Ads are meant to complement gameplay, respect players, and in many cases make the gaming experience more realistic.

“I’m thrilled that this partnership with InMobi will help many other advertisers in APAC take advantage of the huge opportunity that in-game advertising represents,” said Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO of Anzu. “InMobi’s extensive advertiser network and expertise, combined with their knowledge of the APAC landscape, will help energize our solution in this market. There are more gamers in Asia-Pacific than anywhere else in the world, and our solution will help brands reach them in a non-disruptive and brand-safe way that complements the gaming experience.”

Anzu’s technology is integrated with a full suite of trusted third-party vendors, including HUMAN for fraud detection, Comscore, Lumen, Nielsen for brand impact measurement, and Kochava for data enrichment.

InMobi’s direct connections to leading demand-side platforms around the world, combined with direct sourcing from Anzu’s global inventory, allow advertisers to access these ad experiences through optimized sourcing channels. Access to Anzu’s inventory will help InMobi deliver scale across a large number of mobile games spanning multiple genres, allowing advertisers to reach engaged gamers in immersive environments.

In India, consumption of gaming apps doubled year-on-year, signaling notable changes in the normalization and integration of gaming into daily life. The mobile-centric region has a strong preference for smartphone gaming – with on-the-go convenience and entertainment – ​​leading to a population of 400 million mobile gamers and is expected to reach 650 million by 2025. Metaverse developments In the region, with its thriving communities, gaming provides a clear and accessible gateway to the Metaverse for marketers to effectively reach their audience.

“The greatest benefit of the preferred partnership across Asia-Pacific between InMobi and Anzu is that it enables our customers to seamlessly connect with gamers through blended and non-disruptive advertising,” says Vasuta Agarwal, MD, Asia-Pacific, at InMobi. “With new features and the goal of connecting consumers and brands through Anzu’s premium technology, this partnership will benefit all parties, including advertisers and publishers.”

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  • InMobi and Anzu Declare Programmatic In-Game Advertising Partnership for Asia-Pacific
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