‘It’s who we are,’ Papua’s provocative moms say on Morning Star


By Yance Wenda in Jayapura

Papuan politician warns Indonesian security forces against ban on selling to women noken – traditional string bags – and other accessories displaying the forbidden The morning star flag design at the site of the Papuan National Games (PON XX) in Jayapura.

Orpa Nari, a member of the Papuan People’s Congress (MRP) women’s working group, said the police should not be afraid of a “role model”.

“He’s just a model,” she said. “None of them moms [Papuan women] weave the model as a means of going against the state.

“If anything, it’s our identity as Papuans,” Nari told the Papuan newspaper Tabloid Jubi.

Previously, security forces reportedly banned Papuan women from selling The morning star– patterned props during the Games as they were seen as a symbol of resistance against the Indonesian state.

Nari said the Papuan women had done noken with various patterns – including the The morning star – for a long time, even before the National Games.

“It has nothing to do with the event of the Games. It is common to find accessories with the The morning star design by Papuan women.

“It’s just a part of their identity that cannot be forgotten and let go,” she said.

supported their families
Nari added that these women have supported their families by knitting and making accessories.

“It’s their livelihood. We Papuans know this by heart, ”she said.

MRP chairman Timotius Murib said he had received reports that residents and supporters wearing clothing and accessories with the The morning star boss was not allowed to enter the National Games venue

“Some people who wore bracelets or clothes with the The morning star model was not allowed to watch the Games.

“These accessories are common and not just worn by native Papuans,” Murib said.

Mourib hoped that the security forces would not overreact to the phenomenon.

“Don’t overdo it, it’s just an accessory. Let’s create a good atmosphere during PON XX and make it a successful event, ”he said.

The two-week Games end on Friday.

Yance Wenda is a reporter for the Jubi tabloid. Republished with permission.

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