ITTF threatens to cancel India’s participation in the World Para Table Tennis Championship

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has threatened to cancel India’s participation in the World Para Table Tennis Championship in Grenada from November 6-12.

Taking seriously the repeated cases of the Committee of Administrators (CoA) ignoring their letters regarding travel details, room reservation and “most importantly, payment”, the global body has decided to act decisively.

Using a harsh tone and tenor in his last letter (dated October 14, 2022) to the CoA, ITTF Classification Manager (Para Table Tennis Events) Pablo Perez emphatically stated: “You have received several messages from the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) and they are still waiting for your replies.At this time, the deadlines have passed and the LOC is entitled to cancel your participation and the ITTF would allocate the slots to other countries.

“Please I can’t hold the situation any longer. The LOC needs an urgent response regarding room, travel details and most importantly payment.

Notably, the Indian team includes Olympic silver medalist Bhavina Patel, Sonal Patel, Ravi Baby Sahana and Ramesh Bhai Choudhary. Lalan Doshi is the coach while Nikul Patel and Himangi are the two escorts.

On October 12, the Secretary General of the World Para TT tournament, Isabel Molina, wrote to the CoA: “I have not received any response from you. The payment deadline was September 23. If you do not send proof of payment within 48 hours, we cannot guarantee the room reservation. Make sure to send us the travel details before the last day (October 21) or your delegation will not be included in the transport program.

Even on September 26, Molina wrote to the manager appointed by the CoA, SK Tandon, and asked for the requisition of rooms, with the names of the players and the width of the wheelchairs. When the CoA did not respond, Molina fired back, “Would you please reply to my email below? I need the information to issue the invoice (which should have already been paid at this day).

In fact, the ITTF is no stranger to poor communication from the CoA. In his letter dated August 15, referring to the “Notice of Proposed Suspension”, ITTF General Secretary Raul Calin wrote: “The ITTF, in particular the Executive Committee (EC), has been very concerned about the situation affecting the TTFI. »

After briefly mentioning the February 18 timeline of events, Mr. Calin said, “The EC noted that we were supposed to get an update from you after the July 6 hearing, but that didn’t happen. product.”

Meanwhile, the Indian team members are eagerly waiting for the CoA to rush the payment to the ITTF and secure their participation.

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