Joshter Andrew and Regine Tugade-Watson to Carry Guam Flag at Olympic Games Opening Ceremony | Sports


Joshter Andrew and Regine Tugade-Watson were selected to carry the Guam flag at the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Friday night.

The news was announced by Guam Chef de Mission Joey Miranda III and Guam National Olympic Committee President Ricardo Blas Sr. late Wednesday evening.

Andrew, a judoka, will be the men’s flag bearer, based on his continental qualification and gold medal at the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa. Returning Olympian and Micronesia’s fastest sprinter, Regine Tugade-Watson will be the female standard bearer.

“To be named the flag bearer I am very excited and honored,” said Andrew. “It means so much to me, he’s much bigger than me. I am proud to have been chosen as one of the flag bearers for Team Guam.

Tugade-Watson was beaming with joy when the announcement was made.

“I am extremely touched as it is an honor to not only be able to represent our island here at the Games, but to receive the immense honor of carrying our flag means a lot to me and I am very grateful for this opportunity,” she said. .

Guam flag bearers will be joined at the opening ceremony by swimmers Jagger Stephens and Mineri Gomez. The marching delegation will also include Miranda, team doctors Dr. Arania Adolphson and Dr. Luis Cruz, and team leaders Donald San Agustin, Saturo Yamawaki, Riza Tugade and Luisa Sampson.

Due to protocols imposed by the Japanese government, wrestler Rckaela Aquino, the first woman from Guam to qualify for the Olympics on merit, will arrive at the Athletes’ Games Village on August 1.

She will be the flag bearer for the closing ceremony.

The ceremony was to take place without spectators in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, although some officials, guests and media will attend.

‘Hard situation’

“I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable with the opening of the Games,” said Organizing Committee President Seiko Hashimoto. “But we are going to open the Games… in this difficult situation.”

Japan is suing the Olympics against the advice of most of its medical experts. This is in part due to pressure from the IOC, which is expected to suffer losses of $ 3-4 billion in television rights revenue if the Games do not take place, the Associated Press reported.

The official cost of the Olympics is $ 15.4 billion, but government audits suggest it is much more. Everything but $ 6.7 billion is public money.

“We have been preparing since last year to send a positive message,” Hashimoto said. “Towards the end, there are now so many incidents that give Tokyo 2020 a negative image.”

Toshiro Muto, the CEO of the Tokyo organizing committee, also acknowledged the damage to reputation, according to the Associated Press.

“Maybe these negative incidents will have an impact on the positive message we wanted to send to the world,” he said.

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