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CARMEL – Carmel High football team canceling training for the next two days for COVID testing and King City head coach Mac Villanueva and an assistant with COVID, Friday’s game between the two schools was canceled.

The Padres, who postponed and then canceled last Sunday’s game with Monte Vista Christian over COVID-related issues, retested all of his players at both levels on Monday.

“We won’t do anything on the pitch until we get the results,” Carmel athletic director and football coach Golden Anderson said. “We informed King City of our uncertainty over the weekend.”

While Carmel had not officially canceled the game, King City informed Anderson and Pacific Coast Athletic League commissioner Tim McCarthy that he was dealing with similar issues on Monday morning.

Villanueva, who along with his assistant is vaccinated, informed his administration that he and an assistant had mild symptoms and tested positive on Monday morning.

“I have informed my AD that I am positive,” Villanueva said. “At this point, I’m done for 10 days. Apart from a few aches, I feel good. I have full confidence in my assistant coaches to lead the team.

The Mustangs will continue to train this week, and the majority of college and junior players are expected to train.

“We are going to train,” King City sporting director Anthony Velasquez said. “The difference with us is the exposure to positive tests in terms of players. Our (cases) are two adults. But it can go from five to twenty in a day.

At this point, King City does not require testing any of its players, unless they have systems related to COVID. A positive test in the King City Unified School District means a 10-day post-practice quarantine for coaches or players.

On Monday, Anderson reportedly had 24 eligible players from a list of 40 allowed to play on Friday, with no knowledge of the current test results for COVID being administered.

“We have kids who are negative but have certain symptoms or have come into contact,” Anderson said. “We also face injuries and other issues. ”

Carmel opened the season with a 46-26 victory at Pacific Grove, where more than 500 people then stormed the pitch to celebrate the continuation of “The Shoe.”

After waiting three days to play at St. Francis of Watsonville on August 30, King City hopped on a bus to Greenfield last Friday, where he improved to 2-0 this season with a 34-0 victory.

“Our children are masked on a bus and the windows are down,” Velasquez said. “We follow the protocols that have been recommended. We still take a lot of preventative measures that are no longer necessary, such as temperature checks. ”

Carmel becomes the second PCAL team to have a second game wiped out due to COVID concerns. San Lorenzo Valley has yet to play this year, canceling its first two games. A total of five games were called off in the PCAL in the first two weeks due to COVID-related issues.

The King City-Carmel game is unlikely to be caught as the two teams have different byes during the season.

“We fully understand what King City is going through,” said Anderson. “This will allow us to reset the board and ensure that all safety measures have been taken. ”

King City is scheduled to travel to Gonzales on September 17. Carmel won’t be playing again until he opens the Mission Division game on September 25, welcoming Gilroy.

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