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Legal sports betting is a step backwards

The state lottery, Mega Millions and Powerball haven’t done enough damage to our society.
Now we are inundated with “legal” bets, from NFL football to international table tennis matches.
How many ads per hour do we have to see before people realize this is a huge problem? We have sports commentators constantly talking about odds and what you can bet on.
What happened to only talking about the game or the match?
Professional sports venues are giving space in their arenas to companies like Draft Kings, Bet MGM and FanDuel for people to ruin their lives more than they already have.
Don’t think that the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, PGA, USGA, and NBA care about those who are already addicted and those who will become addicts.
Where are the self-righteous politicians who are supposed to protect us from this evil empire? They are the evil empire, as well as greedy sports team owners and organizations.
We are only going backwards.
In a short time we will be able to bet on gladiators and chariot races.
Richard Moran Sr.

McEvoy turned out to be the best choice

The Gazette article on the death of Bob McEvoy was very appropriate notice of the passing of this wonderful man.
He was a top Schenectady County manager, as well as a recognized expert in professional government management.
Here’s how Bob came to Schenectady: It was 1978 and I had just been elected as a Democrat to the county council. We were the minority. The council began the search.
Eventually the choice narrowed down to three – Bob and two others. All were qualified. The Republican-backed nominee was seen by Democrats as a bean counter; the third candidate seemed very liberal and expressed an interest in playing jazz piano in area clubs.
Bob was third, and Democrats appreciated his fiscal conservatism, but also his keen interest in social justice.
We were asked to choose between them, listing our picks 1, 2, and 3, with the winner being the one with the highest total.
The Republican members chose Bean Counter No. 1, Bob No. 2, and Pianist No. 3. The Democrats picked Bob first, Pianist second, and Bean Counter third. Bob was chosen and we had his distinguished service for those 22 years.
Jim Murphy
The writer was a member of the county legislature from 1978 to 1984.

The death of Judge Griset is a loss for many of us

The death of Judge G. Douglas Griset affects a profound loss on Schenectady, and indeed on me personally.
As a 7 year old visiting the family for the first time, I knew nothing of his professional or political life. All I knew was that his eyes were wide in joyful welcome, and his voice spoke with the excitement of a sportscaster, as if engaging with a new house drifter was the best part of his day.
When I last saw him, almost exactly 40 years later, despite exhaustion and illness, salvation was indistinguishable from the start. It was this genuine, soul-felt affection for others, trusting and not cloying, palpable but without pretension or pathos, that set him apart from so many of the men I met in my crazy life.
Yet that was not the only distinction.
He was a leader in our community for decades, but he conducted himself with humility and a willingness to listen.
It was his quality as a lawyer, because he helped families through some of the most difficult periods of their lives, but also as a father and a friend.
He ran for office and won as a Republican, when thoughtful rationality was still a quality of that party. But he was also backed by Democrats. It was the quality of his mind and judgment that transcended partisan complacency in favor of civil sagacity.
He was also a deeply loving man, adoring his family. It is their loss that saddens me the most.
James Cimino, Jr.

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