Local youngsters enjoy the Yorkshire Coast 10km race

A number of schools and local groups received money from last year’s McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K race.

The Scarborough Athletic Running Club (SAC), which organizes and manages the McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K and Fun Run event, has decided to donate proceeds from the 2021 events to local schools and youth organisations. The purpose of the donations is to promote sports activity for children in the region.

Alan Whelan and Danny Walls, YK10 race directors, commented:

“We wanted the event to benefit local children immediately. We have discussed this with the club and have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from 2021. We have contacted over 45 schools and youth organizations and were delighted to help all who responded. . Schools have reported a distinct impact of COVID on their students’ core strength, hand-eye coordination and general fitness. We hope our equipment donations can help them with their programs of exercises.

Among the schools that will benefit from the donations is St Augustine’s School, said Margaret Farrell, head of the EP:

“We were delighted to be contacted by Alan and Danny with SAC’s offer to donate to help the school purchase sports equipment. As a small school, St Augustine has limited funds, which means we have to carefully plan where and how our sports budget should be spent. We were delighted that SAC’s donation enabled us to purchase much-needed badminton equipment. Every student at St Augustine has access to badminton and plays in matches badminton against other local schools. Alan and Danny took the time to come and introduce our athletic captains Rosa Clay and Joseph Semourson and we really appreciate the kind donation.”

Kerry Bointon, head of physical education at Pickering Infant School, said:

“The scooters will be a great addition to our physical education resources. They will increase opportunities for children to regularly develop their upper body and core strength. They will be used during physical education sessions as part of our stability and balance activities that build a foundation of motor skills for our young children.

Eleanor Waller is head of physical education at Northstead Primary, she added:

“Alan was able to showcase the junior javelins at one of our Y5/6 assemblies. The kids are really excited to be able to use their new equipment.

Lindhead Primary School has used its donation to invest in high-tech jump ropes – the school uses jump rope as a daily exercise for its pupils. Danny Walls said –

“We were more than happy to be able to provide an electronic jump rope to each student to help with this great way to exercise.”

Rosie Collier, Head of Physical Education at Braeburn Primary and Infant School, said:

“‘We are extremely grateful to Braeburn Primary School for the PE equipment kindly donated by SAC. It was fantastic to see the children enjoying the equipment and developing their physical skills such as fine and gross motor skills .The agility set has worked fantastically during breaks and lunch times developing the kids communication and teamwork skills We have a team of Grade 6 Sports Coaches who are responsible for leading the activities for the kids in the lower age groups and they had some fantastic games to offer using the equipment.

As well as providing kjit to local schools, the money was also used to support local youth organizations, including the Eastern Region Sea Cadets. Lt (SCC) Gareth Davies MBE RNR said:

“Receiving the gift from SAC is so appreciated that it allows the unit to train a selection of our instructors to the RYA First Aid Instructor Rating, giving them a new opportunity to train our cadets with others from across the northeast/east region This will allow us to give staff and cadets life skills in first aid and the confidence to provide assistance if they ever find themselves in a first aid situation.

The support of organizations such as the SAC is invaluable in enabling this to happen and we thank them wholeheartedly.”

ABC Burniston Youth Club also received funding from the race. Maria Kitching from the band said:

“Active Burniston and Cloughton were very pleased when SAC confirmed they were able to help our youth club with table tennis equipment. We currently have over 100 members who will benefit from this donation.”

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