! Murcia Today – Residents of Camposol house 11 budget proposals in Mazarron Council’s Citizen Participation Program

Date of publication: 02/09/2022

The month-long invitation for citizens to submit projects for consideration ended on September 1 with 11 of 97 proposals involving projects in Camposol

The town hall of Mazarrón has launched a citizen participation program setting aside €300,000 and inviting individuals to propose small to medium-sized projects for the benefit of the community and the municipality.

The program ran from August 1 to 31 and has 3 phases

1. First phase. Presentation of the Projects via the portal opened on the Town Hall website. From 08/01/2022 to 09/01/2022.

2. Second Phase. Study and Validation of Projects. From 02/09/2022 to 03/10/2022.

3. Third Phase. Final vote on participatory projects. From 07/10/2022 to 07/11/2022.

At the end of the first phase, 97 proposals were submitted, including 11 concerning Camposol presented by 3 individuals, these are:

* Permanent off-road recycling/waste collection point in Camposol

The installation of a hard-surfaced off-road area for recycling containers (boxes/plastic, cardboard, glass, trimming vegetation, etc.), garbage containers and a section for furniture, located next to it from the roundabout to the junction of Avda. de los Covachos and the road behind the hotel. Currently all containers are on the road or sidewalk which could endanger vehicles and pedestrians and is a visual nuisance, while the proposed location is on the main road for residents and visitors of sectors C and D and could be used by the Golf Club and Hotel (when open).

The land is owned by the Council and is designated ‘Espacio Libre’ (free space).

* Improve the connection of Avenida de los Covachos to poligonos D32, D35, D27, D23, D24 and D25

It is proposed to open and create a space in the central reservation for the connection of Avenida Los Covachos to Calle Tejos in order to facilitate access to poligonos D32, D35, D27, D23, D24 and D25. Currently, vehicles must detour to the next hole in the median and back.

* Repair of the collapsed public road Calle Aljibe, Urb Camposol

The repair of Calle Aljibe which began to collapse in 2017 and was officially closed to traffic by local police in September 2019 and has remained closed ever since.

If an incident closes the main road (Avenida de los Covachos), Calle Aljibe is the only route allowing people from sector D and sector C south (over 2000 homes in total) to access the facilities and RM-3.

* Repair the road and pavement of Calle Arucarias

Repair of Calle Arucarias due to the danger that exists for people living in the Camposol urbanization and the demand that exists in this area, proposal to repair curbs, sidewalk potholes and asphalting of Calle Arucarias.

* 2 proposals to extend the facilities adjacent to the Football Field in Sector D

Continue to develop the area next to the football pitch (completed in 2020) to include a hard surface with table tennis and exercise equipment on the remaining council owned land.

* Creation of a safe exercise area for dogs in Camposol

This proposal consists of creating such equipment in sector D of Camposol with a closed area and activity devices for the enjoyment of dogs and owners.

* To extend the leisure facilities in the Camposol urbanization (sector A)

Proposal to continue the development of City Hall recreational facilities in the Central Park Garden adjacent to the children’s play area (completed 2020) in the remainder of the City Hall grounds designated for use in free space, consisting of a concrete surface and exercise equipment.

The following 3 proposals have also been submitted

Asphalting Calle Cañar, Asphalting Calle Sorvilan and Asphalting Calles Siles & Aspilla. Although these roads are in a state of disrepair being internal poligono roads, they are not in the public domain, which is a stipulation for the submission of proposals, so they cannot progress to the second phase.

The second phase will be the study and validation of the projects to ensure that they comply with the criteria and the law, those who pass will move on to the third phase – the final vote.

For more local news, events and other information, visit the Camposol Today homepage.

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