Oceanic TFT Regional Finals push back date and add extra snapshot to compensate

Oceanic Gizmos and gadgets The final qualifications of the World Championship are postponed in the year, the organization behind the competition, ORDER, announced on his TFT dedicated account today.

The finals will now take place a week later than scheduled, April 1-3. With this extra time, however, competitors now have an additional snapshot of the standings in Set 6.5, which takes place on March 23. This snapshot will be crucial for the top ranked players to get last minute points to help them advance to the regional finals.

The Gizmos and gadgets The series began on November 17 with the Arcanist Cup, a hotly contested event where eight players won their tickets to the regional finals, beating a field of over 240 participants over the two-day event.

The eight players who have already consolidated their position in the regional finals are:

  • Teemosdad
  • Feather knights
  • Wok3n
  • Dawn
  • Dojo Mojo
  • Angora
  • bloody
  • Sarayn

The next major event will be the Innovator Cup, another open event where players of all skill levels can register to compete, where eight other players will secure their places for the all-important regional finals.

The regional finals will be held April 1-3, 2022. The event will feature the top 24 players from Oceania competing for their share in a $ 6,500 AUD (approx. $ 4,500) prize pool and pride in representing their region of origin in the world. scene at the Gizmos and TFT gadgets World Championship next year.

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