Purple Rain: Pacific FC continue to push for home playoff game with unforgettable performance in 5-1 win over FC Edmonton at Starlight Stadium


Pacific FC faced FC Edmonton in a midweek Canadian Premier League clash at Starlight Stadium in Langford on Tuesday, in what was a game filled with playoff implications. Here’s our report of it, straight from Starlight Stadium, as Pacific claimed a 5-1 victory.

It was an unforgettable night, for a multitude of reasons.

From the rain, which sometimes fell sideways thanks to the wind, to the atmosphere, which was electric as usual, combined with their ever-constant play on the pitch, Pacific FC had a good evening at Starlight Stadium on Tuesday. , where they faced FC Edmonton in a midweek Canadian Premier League clash.

After securing a berth in the CPL playoffs last weekend, Pacific looked to continue that positive momentum in this one, as they went into this game looking to earn the right to host a home game. ‘postseason in November, which gave them all kinds of motivation as they stepped onto the pitch on Tuesday night.

Also spurred on by the first start of their captain and MVP, Marcos Bustos, who was making his long-awaited return from an ankle injury, it only added to the overall scene, and Pacific took advantage of that momentum to a memorable victory, beating Edmonton 5-1 on the back of a Bustos brace.

With a brace from Manny Aparicio and a goal from Alejandro Diaz, it was a complete performance from Pacific, who earned their biggest home win in the process, only finding their night slightly marred by a late tally from Fraser Aird, like they were otherwise dominant from start to finish in this one.

“I think we were very aggressive from the start,” Pacific FC head coach Pa Modou Kah said after the game. “After leading 2-0 we played very, very well in the first half, I think in the second half when we took a 5-0 lead we started to play too much in our halftime, and I think we could “I was more dominant there.

“But overall this is the performance you want before the playoffs, ahead”

Thanks to this, they rose to the top of the CPL standings with 46 points, and while they might not hold that position for long, the teams around them have games in hand, but if they keep playing. As they did today in their last 2 games, Pacific will ensure that the race to the top 2 (and a home semi-final game) is as competitive as possible.

From what we saw from them on Tuesday night when they show up in front of their home fans it’s hard to stop them, so they have every reason to want to make this home playoff game a reality, and this match was a good example of why.

As mentioned, from the first kick the game would be entirely peaceful as they got off to a good start in front of their home fans.

Thanks to this, they managed to open the scoring in just the 5th minute, giving their fans something to celebrate from the start.

After a good play in Pacific’s midfield, they managed to play in Kunle Dada-Luke on the wing in space, and from there he did well to look up and whip a nice cross. floating, which would hover over the heads of any Edmonton defender, finding a wide-open Alejandro Diaz, who nodded with conviction.

Alejandro Diaz of the Pacific in action against Edmonton on Tuesday (Keveren Guillou)

It was a nice goal, the kind of goal we’ve grown used to seeing from Pacific this season, showing they were serious that night, a goal that at first seemed like a long one for their guests.

This also continued until the 13th minute, when Ollie Bassett then looked well from a distance, but his shot was blocked by Connor James in the Edmonton goal, who did well to put his hands in. the effort.

And that would only be a warning shot for what was to come, as Pacific then leapt again in the 19th minute, only making his opponent’s misery worse.

Facing a corner kick, Bassett then stepped up with a nice coiled effort, much like Dada-Luke’s earlier, managed to float over all of Edmonton’s defenders before finding his target at the far post, which this time was Manny Aparicio, who did well to beat his team’s second count at home.

It might not have been as complex a goal as the first, which started with some great passes, but it was a similar ruthless result, which gave the hosts a deserved lead as they reached the halfway point. of the first stanza.

Plus, they stayed hungry in their quest for more, as they weren’t done there, and called him back to Edmonton in the 35th minute, when Terran Campbell did well to put Marco Bustos in place with a small reduction, but the Pacific captain was unable to score his long-awaited first start after an injury with an early goal, sending his shot right off.

But luckily for him, he won’t have to wait long to get that first goal back, because just 6 minutes later he then added his team’s third, and that was a beauty, as he made sure that his return would be unforgettable. .

After receiving a nice ball from Manny Aparicio in midfield, he then made his way through the Edmonton defense, and from there, although he apparently had no angle to shoot and qu ‘he was on his weaker right foot, he walked calmly into the opposite corner, scoring a memorable goal.

With that, he put the bow on what was a special half for him and his team, who were shooting at full blast as they approached the break, and from their looks it felt like they were just getting started.

And they would prove it almost 1 minute later, as Bustos was then played by Dada-Luke, and he had a good crack in the goal on his stronger left foot, but he was only denied by the crossbar, which saved Edmonton from falling into a 4-goal hole.

But then, luckily for Edmonton, the halftime break came, giving them some breathing space from the onslaught they had to face, leaving them to figure out how to stop their opponents, who were firing at full speed.

Unfortunately for them, however, whatever plan they created turned out to be futile, as Pacific then picked up in the second where they left off in the first, scoring their 4th goal in the 51st minute, and just like the others, she was another beauty.

After the ball bounced into the box it fell to Aparicio at the edge of the box, and from there, despite having to deal with a bouncing ball and oncoming defenders, he hit the ball on the fly for the first time, hitting a strike that would dive over James into the Edmonton goal, before nestling in the roof of the net.

With that, it marked a memorable goal, part of a memorable performance, as the Tridents just seemed unstoppable at night, finding a way to shake things up with every attempt, and that goal was just the latest example.

And they weren’t done yet either. Motivated by the marvelous goal, Diaz then almost found his 2nd in the 52nd minute, as he was narrowly denied on the line after a scramble in the box, before closing in again in the 53rd minute, where he was had a chip from outside the box. sail just above the goal.

Then, finally, Edmonton offered a bit of resistance, finding some half chances in the 61st minute, but then things turned the other way around as Bustos then found a way to get his 2nd in the 69th. minute.

After finding some space on the right flank, he did well to cut in and win a penalty, which he then approached to take, and he was not wrong with luck. , wrapping the ball in the top corner to put his team to 5-0.

It was the icing on the cake of a fine performance from Bustos, who ensured that he would take full advantage of that first start, giving fans much to rejoice in his return, helping his team to win the most. big home victory in their history, according to Transfermarkt.

And from there, that would be pretty much all this game had to offer. Other than a late push from Edmonton, which included a Fraser Aird penalty awarded by Bustos in the 78th minute and a post from Tobias Warschewski in the 87th minute, as well as a few harmless half-chances from both teams, that would be all that was needed. this match would have to offer, leaving Pacific to recoup its historic result.

So now, as they prepare to play their last 2 games of their season here, first against York United at home on Saturday, before ending their season the following week against Cavalry away on Sunday November 7th, Pacific must be feeling good about himself after this one, and rightly so.

“I want fans to come out of it more (on nights like this),” Kah said. “Especially on Saturdays. It will be a beautiful Saturday and I hope we can have a full stadium. Those kind of results help with the weekend coming to watch the games, and this is our last game, so hopefully those on the fence can show up and show up because we’re going to need to their support, and hopefully we can get a sold-out crowd and that’s what the boys want and hope the fans can do.

Along with a key away game in the Canadian Championship semifinals against Toronto FC in the middle of next week, the weather is starting to be critical for the Tridents, so they will look to use this big win as fuel for these. big clashes.

When they fly high, like they were on Tuesday, they are hard to stop, something Edmonton unfortunately saw firsthand on the night.

As they continue their quest to clinch a historic Canadian double, Pacific will now look to avoid being grounded, because if they can keep their wings flapping the sky is the limit, they reminded CPL during a memorable evening at Starlight.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Kah said. “We had games where we could have killed our opponents, but we allowed them to come back into the game, and today we didn’t think about it. We wanted to be foodie, and by that I mean we went up 3-0 and then there’s no time to relax, you want more (and we did) ”

Next stop: Pacific FC vs FC Edmonton, Saturday, October 30, 2021, 3:00 p.m. PDT, 6:00 p.m. EDT (Starlight Stadium, Langford)

The Pacific celebrates one of their goals against Edmonton (Keveren Guillou)

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