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Quad Marines will conduct amphibious operations involving special forces, live fire and anti-submarine warfare operations off the coast of Guam in the Indo-Pacific as part of Exercises Malabar 2021. The Port Phase of the Exercises Naval forces in Malabar is scheduled to take place Aug. 21-24, while the maritime phase of the annual exercise will be held Aug. 25-29.

According to South Block sources, the US Navy is bringing in no less than three warships including destroyers, P 8 maritime reconnaissance planes, anti-submarine warfare helicopters and special forces. The Indian Navy will be represented by two surface fighters led by the INS Ranvijay guided missile destroyer and the INS Shivalik frigate as well as P8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft, ASW helicopters and special forces. The Japanese Navy is bringing in three surface fighters, a mine-laying submarine, maritime reconnaissance planes, ASW helicopters and special forces. The Australian Navy will participate in Malabar with a ship, ASW helicopter and special forces. The last Malabar exercise off Guam took place in 2018 with the participation of the Japanese, Indian and US navies in the advanced naval war games. The Australian Navy joined the Malabar exercises as part of Quad last year.

The Quad Marines, officials said, will interact with each other during the Malabar exercises with notes exchanged on how to uphold the rule of law in the Indo-Pacific in the wake of an aggressive Chinese navy. The exercises will involve freedom of navigation operations with the Indian Navy conducting bilateral exercises with Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and the Australian Navy in both the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific.

While the Quad exercises are expected to anger the PLA Navy and Beijing, the Chinese propaganda machine will also be overactive in showcasing the DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile also referred to as the Guam Killer in reference to the US naval base in the Distant Pacific. territory.

The Malabar exercises come just ahead of the highly anticipated Quad Summit in the United States where leaders of Australia, Japan and India will meet with US President Joe Biden in October. The dates and location of the Quad summit are being worked out, keeping in mind the Japanese general elections that month.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend the G-20 summit in Italy, COP26 in the UK, UNGA and the Quad summit this year.

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