Rangers fans want former European Cup winner inducted into Scottish Football Hall of Fame


A COALITION of Rangers supporters have joined forces in a bid to bring former Scotland striker Andy Gray into the Hampden Hall of Fame.

Members of associations from North America and Oceania joined with prominent media representatives to lobby the Scottish FA on Gray’s behalf.

The 65-year-old rose to prominence at Dundee United before enjoying remarkable success with Aston Villa and Everton, with whom he won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1985, before joining the childhood heroes, the Rangers.

However, his accomplishments have yet to be recognized in Hampden, and his advocacy for inclusion is now led by NARSA President Gary Gillan.

There were no Hall of Fame inductees last year due to the Covid pandemic, but Gillan is hopeful that Gray can soon take his place among the Scottish gaming legends.

Gillan said, “I called Andy and told him that I would like to lead a nomination process on his behalf, if he doesn’t mind, to get him into the Hall of Fame.

“I reached out to David Edgar of Heart and Hand, Steven Clifford of Four Lads and our colleagues at ORSA and told them that we would have a collaborative approach to lobby the SFA and have Andy on the list.

“They all said yes and we started the process. Anyone can be nominated by anyone, just put it in an email and explain why and they take it from there.

“We prepared the highlights of Andy’s career, detailed what made him an ideal Hall of Fame candidate and submitted it earlier this year. The SFA confirmed the reception but did not. no details on the structure of the nomination process this year.

“The last time we heard about it was on May 25, when we received an email saying our nomination had been received and added to the list.

“With the pandemic underway, they said it was unlikely that an induction ceremony would take place this year, but that our nomination would be submitted as normal operations resumed.

“When you take on his career against others in the Hall of Fame, many of them are pale in comparison. We will continue to present a strong case for Andy and I hope he gets the Hall of Fame spot. that we believe he deserves. ”

European glory in 1985 was the highlight of Gray’s career and he also won the Division One title, the FA Cup and the Charity Shield at Goodison Park.

Two other League Cup successes – in 1977 with Aston Villa and 1980 with Wolves – completed an impressive medal harvest since his time in England and he would live the dream by winning the Premier Division with Rangers in 1989.

The last Hall of Fame inductees two years ago included Ibrox legends Tommy McLean and Colin Stein and Gillan will continue to champion the cause of one of his Light Blues heroes.

Gillan said: “It’s amazing he’s not already here. I spoke with Andy and he gave me the highlights of his career and it’s a remarkable career.

“He was player of the year both seasons with Dundee United and is moving to England.

“He is the Premier League’s top scorer and Aston Villa’s Player of the Year then becomes the first player to win the PFA Player and Young Player in the same season, the only Scotsman to achieve it. only others to achieve this are Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

“He scored in the League Cup, FA Cup, European Finals, then came home with his childhood idols and won a title with Rangers. It’s an amazing career. , more than 600 games and 200 goals at the highest level.

“If you play, score and win European trophies, that should be an automatic qualification for the Scottish Football Hall of Fame.

“With the greatest of respect, there are players who in my opinion aren’t as worthy as Andy when you look at his accomplishments. It seems like a massive omission not to have him.

“Apparently there was a consideration in a previous year where he was nominated but not selected. It was apparently a particularly strong year but I can’t imagine what you should have done to beat Andy of the two. sides of the border and in Europe. ”

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