School budgets in the southern part are on the rise

Voters in southern school districts give their approval to proposed budgets while electing slates of new and returning school board members.

All districts in the region have adopted their spending plans with Owego-Apalachin, Harpursville and Susquehanna Valley among those reporting overwhelming approval. School bus purchases and library funding proposals also received voter approval in many districts.

New York State is forcing school districts to increase tax levies by no more than 2.27% without gaining the approval of more than two-thirds of the resident vote.

Owego-Apalachin’s $52.8 million proposal may have been an easier sell than others since the budget called for a zero point zero zero percent tax increase. Voters in the OA School District also gave their approval to a $12.9 million capital project in a vote of 609 to 287.

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