Six-time SWAG Awards winner Derek Abrefa qualifies for World Table Tennis Championships

Derek Abrefa

Six-time SWAG Awards winner Derek Abrefa grabs the headlines as he presents some wonderful table tennis to Nigerian fans during World Table Tennis Championship qualifying.

Abrefa beat the naturalized Beninese and top-seeded Nigerian professional based in France 3-0 to be the only Ghanaian male table tennis player to qualify for the 2023 World Table Tennis Championship to be held in South Africa.

In the singles qualifier, he defeated Jimo Alvaro 3-0 in his first singles match. In his second match, he beat Bangoura Abdoulaye 3-0 to top his group and advance to the main draw on Matchday 16.

Abrefa, who was injured fighting for the Black Loopers in the tag team event, came to the end of his authority by beating Beninese naturalized Nigerian professional Olabiyi 3-0 in a tough encounter on Monday. The last game of the round of 16 which lasted more than 30 minutes. Olabiyi is a table tennis professional based in France.

The whole room was tense during their match, and the Ghanaian seed is very happy with the victory.

“I met Abrefa in the team event. I won 3-2 in a difficult encounter. Even if it was 3-2, I had confidence that I would beat him to qualify for the world championship Given my training in France to prepare for this event, says Olabiyi.

Olabiyi from Benin went ahead saying ‘Abrefa came with a different playing formation and took me by surprise behind the table. He is indeed a great player who is able to overturn all predictions during a difficult match and I congratulate him on his qualification for WTTC 2023.

Derek Abrefa qualified for the top 8 (quarter-final) and he is looking for a good position to qualify for the 2023 World Tennis Championship.

The tournament has all overseas based players coming to fight for 5 spots in the African Zone 3 region

All players who reached the round of 16 secured a spot for the 2023 World Table Tennis Championship.

Abrefa is the only Ghanaian to make the top 8 to qualify Ghana for the World Table Tennis Championship. As the tournament continues, be on the lookout for news.

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