SnowRunner: 10 Best Trucks, Ranked

snow runner is the last entry in the Spintires series, which became famous for its vehicle simulation mechanics. Saber Interactive, the game’s developer, first announced it as a sequel to mud runner. However, in 2019 they renamed it to snow runnerAnd the rest is history. snow runner was originally released in 2020 and was re-released on PS5 and Xbox Series X in May 2022. The game is an off-road vehicle simulation that is based on realistic physics and truck controls.

Players must get out of sticky, muddy, and snowy situations as they traverse over 15 locations and complete objectives. snow runner has over 60 different vehicles, not to mention dozens of mods. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine which trucks are the best. However, it’s hard to go wrong with the choices below.

ten KHAN Lo4F

snow runner contains many strange vehicles, but KHAN Lo4F is perhaps one of the most useless utility vans in the game. The KHAN Lo4F was once a Soviet territory vehicle used to perform emergency rescues. However, it serves a completely different purpose in snow runner.

KHAN Lo4F comes with a fuel capacity of 80 liters and has all-wheel drive. Therefore, it is an extremely robust vehicle in difficult situations. It’s also exceptionally lightweight at 7,725 pounds, making it easy for gamers to carry around. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s what it’s all about.

9 Year 87

The YAR 87 experimental vehicle is packed with miraculous features that almost any player will find useful. snow runnerThe version of this huge truck is a copy of the real Trekol 39294, known for its rock-solid power. It is a vehicle with a fuel capacity of 110 liters with integrated switchable four-wheel drive.

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Plus, it features five different speeds and weighs 9,479 pounds. The YAR 87 is an off-road beast that trumps various other trucks in the game. The vehicle also features a 6×6 wheel setup and a differential lock system, making it an excellent scout truck .

8 Pacific P16

Pacific P16 is a rugged logging truck that weighs over 55,115 pounds. It is a monster of a vehicle with a huge length of ten meters and a width of almost four meters. Pacific P16 is a Canadian truck originating in the 90s and equipped with a 14 liter V12 engine.

With a fuel capacity of 300L, this truck specializes in getting the miles done while hauling some of the heaviest materials in the world. snow runner. The only downside of Pacific P16 is its slow speed and lack of maneuverability, which may irritate some players.

seven TUZ 16 Actaeon

The TUZ 16 “Actaeon” is a light truck that is part of search and recovery snow runner DLCs. Weighing 7,800 pounds, the Actaeon is quite light for its overall dimensions. The truck has a length of 5.8 m and a width of 2.3 m and functions perfectly as an off-road vehicle.

TUZ 16 is the in-game version of GAZ-66, a 4×4 all-terrain military vehicle that plays an important role in cargo delivery. What makes TUZ 16 so good is its small size and fuel efficient nature. However, the truck has one major drawback, its stiff suspension.

6 Caterpillar 745C

Caterpillar 745C is truly the truck crawler of the game, waiting to fly like a butterfly through any terrain. The vehicle is equipped with switchable four-wheel drive and a differential lock. The Caterpillar 745C weighs 44,092 pounds and is over ten meters long.

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It has a fuel capacity of 340 liters, which makes it reliable for long distances full of various obstacles. It’s also an actual vehicle, so players can really feel immersed while driving it in the game.

5 Voron AE-4380

When it comes to some of SnowRunner’s most versatile trucks, Voron AE-4380 is probably in the top three. It is a military logistics truck that can drive through smooth roads and offroad terrain with equal power and speed. While the Voron AE-4380 is an old vehicle from the 70s, it doesn’t let its age keep it from conquering any task ahead of it.

Despite its relatively small dimensions, Voron carries 250 liters of fuel, which is enough for most jobs in the game. It is also incredibly easy to use thanks to its permanent four-wheel drive and differential lock system. However, its high price can be a concern.

4 Royal BM17

The Royal BM17 is perhaps the best Royal truck in snow runner, and there are a few good reasons for that. It’s a military truck, hence the 160,000 Ncm torque, which is a game-changer for anyone looking for a good off-road vehicle. Second, Royal BM17 has features like a seismic vibrator and a metal detector, making it one of the most versatile off-road trucks in the game.

Although this is a normal looking truck, don’t let its appearance fool you. Royal BM17 is one of the biggest and fastest trucks in the game, going up to 60 miles per hour.

3 Tayga 6455B

Tayga 6455B is another DLC vehicle, part of the Haul & Hustle expansion pack. This truck is a classic in the series and was previously part of older games in the series like Spintires and mud runner. Tayga 6455B is a 330 liter fuel capacity demon that can go through anything thanks to its always-on differential lock and all-wheel drive.

This vehicle is a 6×6 truck inspired by the real KrAZ 255. It can transport logs and cars and supports several accessories, making it a versatile vehicle. Unfortunately, this is an endgame unlock, so players should be patient.

2 DAN96320

The DAN 96320 is a true snow racing truck with very few downsides. It is a Russian projectile vehicle that carries the heaviest cargo DAN 96320 has a fuel capacity of 350 liters and comes with always-on all-wheel drive and differential lock system.

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It is a huge vehicle over 11 meters long, and is one of the heavyweights. DAN 96320 copies of BAZ 69092, a Russian artillery tractor and missile vehicle that is still in operation to this day. The best part of this heavy truck is its lightweight body and ability to add multiple chassis.

1 ZiKZ 605R

Finally, there is the ZiKZ 605R DLC vehicle from the New Frontiers pack. It is truly a marvelous truck with top-notch features and allows gamers to perform any task without breaking a sweat or controlling. It’s a hybrid truck that comes on the heavy side but offers the reliability of SnowRunner’s off-road trucks.

Its maneuverability on multiple terrains can conquer any other truck, and its 380-liter fuel capacity makes it unbeatable in terms of endurance. With fantastic stability and support for various add-ons, players will hardly have to look at another vehicle in the game after driving this one.

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