Solomons score four points in World Cup final


It ended in another loss, but this time Solomon Islands managed to score.

The Solomon Islands team ahead of the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup Group C match against Portugal (Photo: Angel Martinez / FIFA via Getty Images)

The Kurukuru ended their campaign for the FIFA Futsal World Cup with a 4-9 loss to Thailand in Kaunas. A very entertaining game, which saw both teams withdrawing their goalkeepers from the field towards the end.

After the match, the entire Solomon Islands team gathered in a circle in the middle of the pitch. Speaking to Football in Oceania in the mixed zone after the game, head coach Vinicius Leite said he told the boys they made their families proud.

“I told them they made everyone proud, their loved ones and their families. We will definitely come back stronger and people will see a different team now that the groundwork has been laid. Now we can start to develop better players. We don’t want to be admired but feared by other teams, ”said Vinicius.

Solomon Islands are probably the only team that does not have a single suitable futsal pitch in their country. Leite has spoken on several occasions about the importance of one, and there is one on the way, which should be completed next year.

“We keep saying, we don’t have a room, we don’t have this or that, but we decided to come here and we did our best with the limits that we have. I don’t think any other team is facing what we are up against because they all have futsal pitch. This is our biggest problem. It’s not too much to ask just to have a space to practice.

Even though the score was a bit inflated at the end, there were several times the Solomons were within striking distance of getting along with the Thailand squad.

“Before the goals, we were looking for victory, but it did not come. But being able to score goals against a well-trained team shows that we can do it, ”said Leite.

“We have to go home and put the plan, development and execution in place, and in the future we can score a lot more goals.”

As Leite’s contract expires after this World Cup in Lithuania, he hopes to stay for another World Cup round.

“I hope I did a good enough job that I can stay with them longer, it’s not a short-term project. In 2022 they will open their stadium, in 2023 we will have the Pacific Games and in 2024 there will be another World Cup.

“It’s a three-year plan that I put in place. The federation saw it, they agree and I hope I can be responsible, and if not, they will be in good hands, ”said Leite.

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