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Canada’s men’s national team took another monumental step towards qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Thursday night in Honduras, beating the hosts 2-0 and remaining top of the October Concacaf final round to eight teams.

Jonathan David’s marvelous goal sealed the resultclinching John Herdman’s team with 19 points in nine games.

For the uninitiated, the top three in ‘October’ automatically qualify for the World Cup while fourth place is set to play intercontinental playoffs with the winner of the Oceania Football Confederation who in all likelihood will have 110 year. – rated New Zealand.

Let’s backtrack a bit: What’s the next step for Canada to qualify?

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Canada’s odds increased dramatically on Thursday

Yes, the victory for Honduras greatly helped Canada’s chances – but other results through Concacaf certainly played in their favor as well.

Jamaica 1-2 Mexico
USA 1-0 El Salvador
Costa Rica 1-0 Panama

Basically, Jamaica and Panama – contenders to break into the United States-Mexico-Canada pack at the top of the table – picked up zero points.

The Reggae Boyz were close to the result, however, taking a 1-0 lead thanks to a Daniel Johnson goal, but Mexico bounced back for two late scorers. Elsewhere, Costa Rica beat Panama with a massive goal from Los Ticos legend Bryan Ruiz.

Jamaica can now only match the Reds’ 19-point scorer, giving them an outside chance to make a trip to Qatar this fall. Above them are Panama and Costa Rica – teams we need to watch…

Magic number to watch: 11

Any combination of Canada wins and points lost by Costa Rica or Panama totaling 11 points would put the Reds on course for their first World Cup in over 35 years.

Here are the break-ins of the three teams:

Costa Rica:
Away v. Mexico City (January 30, Matchday 10)
Away v. Jamaica (February 2, Matchday 11)
Home c. Canada (March 24, Matchday 12)
Away vs El Salvador (March 27, Matchday 13)
Home v USA (March 30, Matchday 14)

Home v Jamaica (January 30, Matchday 10)
Away v. Mexico City (February 2, Matchday 11)
Home v Honduras (March 24, Matchday 12)
Exterior c. United States (March 27, Matchday 13)
Home c. Canada (March 30, Matchday 14)

Both teams have very tough streaks – both set to face the aforementioned top three group, including potential “six points” against the Canadians. Panama, the favorite to challenge Canada, also faces the United States and Mexico on the road.

Here’s Canada’s last set of games, for context.

Home in the United States (January 30, Day 10)
Away to El Salvador (February 2, Matchday 11)
Traveling to Costa Rica (March 24, Matchday 12)
Home in Jamaica (March 27, Matchday 13)
Home in Panama (March 30, Matchday 14)

Given the streaks above, Canada should only need six points to qualify for Qatar – taking their total points to 25 and forcing Panama and Costa Rica to over 2.0 points per game during their last streak which, if you do the quick math, only Canada themselves have managed to achieve during this window.

Chance to stall in this window still alive

For the impatient among us, yes, Canada can still earn a spot in its first World Cup since 1986 next week. How does it sound?

The scenario initially mentioned before the window is still intact as of Thursday’s results date:

While a lot needs to fall into place for Reds fans to celebrate next week, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a trip to Qatar is on the cards.

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