Zoran Primorac attends the Sunset Sports Media Festival

Alongside the likes of former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Zoran Primorac attended the recent Sunset Sports Media Festival held in Zadar from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th June.

The panel he sat on was Underdogs/The Heart of Sports.

The theme of the discussion was “The underdog story is one of the most popular in sports. But how does a so-called “minor sport” gain traction in a sports media landscape increasingly dominated by world football’s big dogs, the NBA and NFL? With just a fraction of the budget, how does “Freestyle Football” or table tennis earn a seat at any table – let alone the very large one? Here, we find out what key steps and creative methods they use to make noise and draw the world’s attention in their direction.

Key discussion points focused on:

  • How do minor sports create and control their content rights?
  • How to attract new attendees with limited budgets
  • How to compete with big sports for attention and how to creatively fight for your place on the big stage

“The panel was very valuable; we discussed many different topics,” explained Zoran Primorac. “The conclusion was that each of us (minor sports) had to find our own creative way to reach the media, the fans and the sponsors.

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